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Changing hover-styles on SharePoint elements

This one has caused some headache for me when branding things like the “Site Actions” menu and other hover-over-able elements.  Here’s the technique I use:

  1. Find an element you want to style (in this case, I’ll use the Site Actions Menu)
  2. Select the element with IE Dev Toolbar or Firebug
  3. Get the class or ID name.  The hover equivalent usually has an appended “hover” on the name.  For instance:  .ms-siteactionsmenu = .ms-siteactionsmenuhover
  4. Verify the style name by finding the style in corev4.css… but not modifying corev4.css or bad things will happen!
  5. Add the desired attributes to the new css selector in your overriding style sheet and enjoy =)

Here’s an example:



new Siteactions_hover

Normal Site Actions

Normal Site Actions Hover

New Site Actions Hover

In this case, the Site Actions Hover is transparent with my new ribbon style.
Unfortunately, SharePoint doesn’t always utilize the :hover selector.  It does for certain elements..like a:hover…but not always.  For these fringe cases, you can use the above method to change those hovering elements.
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