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Getting your company excited about SharePoint

In my company, I run a SharePoint UserGroup to get people talking about SharePoint.  Every month, we hold presentations, play games, and have great discussions.  We usually have a good crowd and cater it as well (that always gets attendance up!)  This month, I’ll be hosting a spoof of JeoPardy! called SharePardy!.  BTW, I’m changing it up a bit so I don’t get sued!  In this usergroup, I can tell we are excited about SharePoint and want to learn as much as we can each meeting.

All of that being said, getting your company excited about SharePoint can occur a number of ways.  We would like to think that this occurs organically and without lots of effot…but sometimes thats not always the case.  Sometimes, theres a lot of resistance to SharePoint.  That might occur becuase of ‘change’, its ‘hard to use’, or other factors.  But whats most important is to stay positive and get people excited about what they can do. 

SO…what can you do?  In most situations I’ve seen, users are not excited about SharePoint, simply because they don’t know the full extent of what they can do with the product.  So what I would propose, is hold Lunch & Learns and have your SharePoint evangelist speak about some topic that is pertinent to the organization.  I would also try to make it fun and interactive.  Make your SharePoint environment utilize cool features.  Show the company scorecard using Performance Point features.  There are all kinds of cool things you can do!

What are some things you have done to get your company excited about SharePoint?

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